Relationship of lipid profile and antioxidant enzymes in women with breast cancer

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Rohit Maurya
Jaya Jain
Ashutosh Jain


Introduction- In breast cancer patients, we examined the byproducts of lipid profile and the antioxidant enzyme activity. Female’s levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and HDL cholesterol are associated with the development of breast cancer, allowing us to investigate their potential significance in breast cancer prevention.

Materials and methods - 44 breast cancer patients were included in the study. 44 healthy female as control and 44 female newly diagnosed breast cancer patients were involved in this study. Serum samples of Breast cancer patients were taken from women.

Results - 44 breast cancer patients in total took part in this prospective research study. Compared to the healthy control patients, the breast cancer patients had decreased catalase activity, but higher levels of superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione transferase. Patients with breast cancer had higher serum levels of lipid profile. Furthermore, neither the blood levels of HDL-C nor the LDL-C were significantly high between breast cancer patients and healthy people.

 Conclusion -This work supports the idea that the generation of lipid  in contents in  tumor associated patients itself is of main relevance in the carcinogenesis by showing that the antioxidant defense system is altered in malignant breast tissues

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Rohit Maurya

Rohit Maurya, Ph.D scholar, Department of Biochemistry,  Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Indore (M.P) - 452016

Jaya Jain

Dr Jaya Jain, Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Indore (M.P) - 452016

Ashutosh Jain

Dr Ashutosh Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Indore (M.P) -452016