Preliminary study of length-weight relationship of Flat Freshwater crab Potamonutes bellarussus (Daniels, Phiri and Bayliss, 2014) from Williams Falls, Zomba, Republic of Malawi, Central Africa (15º21’51.237’S and 35º18’22.747’E)

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Thiruvengadam V.


Potamonautes bellarussus (Daniels, Phiri, and Bayliss, 2014), a River Crab from Williams falls, Zomba, Republic of Malawi, Central Africa, the present study of length-weight relationship of potamonautid species occurring in the region. The slope value (b) estimated for P. bellarussus of both sexes was found to be 1.0377. The regression equations calculated for both sexes were Log W = -0.1598 + 1.0377 Log L. The correlations coefficient was found to be significant (p<0.01). The significant difference between sexes of the species ‘F’ value was at 1% level. The b value differed from the ideal cube law of ‘3’ as is with the case of length-weight relationship studied in this specific region (15º21’51.237’S and 35º18’22.747’E). The slope value was compared here could be very useful for comparison with the tilapia species in other geographical locations.

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