Ethical And Legal Implications Of Artificial Intelligence On Human Rights

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Ankita Tandon
Dr. Radhika Dev verma Arora


Artificial intelligence has become an ever increasing necessity in day-to-day life which makes this article focus on the different aspects of artificial intelligence particularly in the area of law and human rights. It discusses the issues of artificial intelligence, gaps and challenges particularly adverse effect on human rights value. Matter of concerns include algorithmic transparency, challenges of Cyber protection, injustice, bias and discrimination, negative effects on workers, privacy issues in protecting data, responsibility for loss and absence of answerability. Paper highlights the grey area of AI which requires immediate attention to protect human rights. There is no denial that artificial intelligence has worked a miracle in many areas but these areas require regular check and dynamic approach to make it in proportion to the mankind particularly vulnerable segment of the population and their human rights

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Ankita Tandon

University Institute of Legal Studies Chandigarh University,

Dr. Radhika Dev verma Arora

University Institute of legal studies Chandigarh University, India