A novel approach to ornamental fish transportation for the aquarium hobbyist

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Cerreta A.J.
Lewbart G.A., Harrison T.M.


Fish transportation methods for fish culture operations, public aquariums, biologists, and researchers often employ methods and use equipment which the average aquarium hobbyist does not have access to. Aquarium hobbyists typically transport fish via sealed plastic bags that are inflated with oxygen and shipped by next day mail service or as cargo on commercial airlines, however, the build-up of ammonia and carbon dioxide limit the duration that fish can be kept within these sealed bags to approximately 24 to 36 hours (Harrison, 2016). This study outlines a novel technique for fish transportation suitable for the aquarium hobbyist. This protocol allowed for the successful transport of three fish and one marine invertebrate for 7 days, with minimal effects on water chemistry and stress. The use of a standardized transport procedure such as the method outlined in this study may help to reduce fish stressors; thereby, reducing short- and long-term morbidity and mortality associated with the transport of fish.

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