A Study On The Investors Attitude And Investors Behaviors: North Gujarat Region

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Prajapati Alpa S.
Guide Dr. Rajesh G. Patel


There are many avenues for investors to invest in. Investors should choose the most appropriate option. And all investors investing with planning should know the various investment choices and how to choose which one to achieve their overall objectives. There are various ways to invest such as how to maintain the investment and how to manage the investment. This paper examines which avenues investors choose to invest in. For that data has been collected and analyzed using a structured questionnaire. For this paper the analysis is done as per the sample size of the area and the respondents are selected from the city of North Gujarat through the instruments chosen for this paper. ANALYSIS OF DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS The following database statistics were analyzed using stratified convenience sampling technique using ANOVA, factor analysis and chi-square technique to select the respondents

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Prajapati Alpa S.

Ph.D Scholar, Sankalchand Patel University

Guide Dr. Rajesh G. Patel

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, S. S. Mehta Arts and M. M. Patel commerce college, Himatnagar