“A Study On The Perception Of E-Filing Among Individual Taxpayers In Indore City”

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Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatia
Dr. Shweta Talesara


The world is moving toward digitization due to the Internet. One of the most cutting-edge online services is e-filing. Eadministration has made ready for the advancement of E-Filing of personal expense forms on the Web. Citizens can now effectively record their profits even from home with this framework. E-filing is a revolution in data innovation that offers personal government forms a great deal of flexibility. The Income Tax Department communicates with taxpayers more frequently. This paper discusses the impression of citizens on E-Filing of profits. The primary data collected in this paper was collected using a static questionnaire that was analyzed with SPSS.
“The survey is endeavoring to know the level of care and level of purpose among 95 respondents which integrate individuals and shippers”. A well-organized survey is used to complete the review, and a meeting is led by them. This  paper plainly endeavors to learn about the idea, mindfulness level and degree of utilization of E-Filing among individual citizens in Indore city

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Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatia

Professor & HOD, Department of Business Administration and Commerce, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur (M.P)

Dr. Shweta Talesara

Associate Professor, K.K. College, Indore