Impact Of Hybridity On The Flavonoid Spectrum Of Pomegranate

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Rakesh Bhargava


An attempt was made to assess the impact of hybridity on the flavonoid composition of the pomegranate plants. A cross was made between pomegranate cultivar Jalore Seedless and Mirdula and 13 F1 offspring were grown in the farm. An in-depth study was made of the flavonoid spectrum of parents and offspring. The data revealed that both parents have typical spots which aids in their identification. The comparison of the flavonoid spectrum of parents with F1 hybrids demonstrated that the spectrum of the parents contains the typical spots of either one or both parents. In addition to this, some offspring have novel spots. It was concluded that occurrence of novel spots may be an out come of gene interaction which are expressed in the hybrids

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Rakesh Bhargava

RNB Global University, Sri-ganganagar Road, Khara, Bikaner 334601, Rajasthan, India