Comparing Public And Private Hospitals’ Service Quality

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Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatia
Mrs. Dharna Sharma


Background: Ujjain health care system has undergone major changes in recent years to enhance the quality of the services it renders to the community. This study is designed to measure the quality of health care services from the patients’ perspective and to compare the service quality of public and private hospitals in Ujjain City.

Methods: The study has a quantitative cross-sectional design, with a questionnaire based on the SERVQUAL dimensional model. It was a random sample of 258 inpatients at private and public hospitals in Ujjain City.

Results: Patients at private hospitals perceived a higher level of quality of the health care services (t = 3.390, p < 0.01).

Conclusions: Further research on the financial and leadership dimensions of health care quality will contribute to improved  planning for health care services.

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Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatia

Research Guide, Faculty of Business Management and Commerce. MANDSAUR UNIVERSITY

Mrs. Dharna Sharma