Biogenic amines in sea products

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Sedaghati M
Mooraki N


Sea food products are being processed through various techniques, i.e. chilling and freezing, heating, irradiating, and curing; regard to the condition of processing, formation of biogenic amines are probable, as raw materials are usually rich in respective precursors. Fermented fish products are among the most vulnerable items to this challenge, these products due to their nutritious value are being popular in many coastal regions of the world and being used as condiment or main dish. But formation of biogenic amines may lead to food poisoning, metabolic disorders or even occurring diseases such as cancer, chronic disorders, and neoplastic cell growth. Regulatory limitations have set by standard agencies for these secondary metabolites in raw and processed seafood. The negative amine-producing starter culture could also prevent the formation of biogenic amines during storage. Therefore, the addition of an appropriate starter is advisable to produce safer products with low levels of biogenic amines

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