Water quality assessment of Vasileva Lake based on diatoms influences by tourism, fishing and recreation

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Ramshaj Q
Fetoshi O
Kurteshi K
Hoxha A


Surface waters in recent years are under the great influence of industrial and anthropogenic factors. Vasileva Lake has been impacted by anthropogenic factors. It has been exploited by people for recreation, vacation and fishing, which exposed Vasileva Lake to occurrence of pollution. Purpose of this work was to evaluate the status of water quality in this artificial lake, using algae-diatoms as indicators of organic and inorganic pollution determination. In order to evaluate the status, the samples were taken in three different points in the spring season then analyzed and processed in the laboratory. Also OMNIDIA program is used for diatom counting, diatom inventories management, and diatom indices calculation for water quality assessment. According to the results 152 diatoms are found, they were distributed to 15 genuses. The water quality in the Vasileva Lake belongs the class II and III.

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