Developing and application to the fishing industry with the internet of thing (IoT)

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Baz F.Ç.


Advances in technology affect all sectors to a greater or lesser extent. Technology affects all sectors, from agriculture to education, from health to entertainment. These developments also concern the field of fishing in recent years. In some aspects of fishing, technology offers advantages to fisheries with its innovations. As in all sectors, the relationship between fisheries management and technology has shown an inseparable integrity in recent years. The collection of data on fisheries, the analysis of this data, and the correct management of the data provide many conveniences to this field. Fisheries data is an important part of fisheries management. The problems experienced in the data bring with it different problems. In this study, an application with the Internet of Things (IoT) was designed to be used in fisheries management. Thanks to this application, the pH and temperature ratios of the environments where the fish are grown are determined. In addition, the transfer of the obtained data over GSM is also transmitted to the manufacturers at certain periods. As a result of the study, it has been determined that the designed application and the obtained findings benefit the manufacturers and the system works smoothly.

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