Zooplankton of Hancağız Dam Lake (Gaziantep - Turkey)

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Saler, S
Alış , N


Zooplankton samples were taken seasonally from Hancağız Dam Lake between April 2012- May 2013 period. During the study, a total of 52 species (34 belong to genus Rotifera, 11 to Cladocera and 7 Copepoda) were found in Hancağız Dam Lake.Based on the number of individuals, rotifers were the dominant group in the dam lake (65.4%) followed by Cladocera (21.2%) and Copepoda (13.4%).All of the zooplanktonic species have been detected for the first time in Hancağız Dam Lake.Thedatasdeterminedfromthezooplanktoncommunity in Hancağız Dam Lake wereanalysedbyShannonWienerspeciesrichnessindex (Hı), Margalefdiversityindex(D) andSorensonsimilarityindex. Hı value was found highest with 3.73 in spring. D index value was calculated in its highest level in spring with 6.31.

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