The Concept of Prayer for A Muslim to Maintain Mental Health (In the Perspective of Islamic Psychology)

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Zamaksyari Abdul Majid


Prayer is crucial for religious people. Not only Islam, in any religion a person is required to carry out prayer activities in various conditions.  In Islam, prayer is a form of servitude of a Muslim, and prayer is also one of the best forms of communication between the Servant and His Lord. By praying, a servant will feel a sense of tranquility in his mind. Through the meaning of the concept of prayer, it is hoped that a Muslim will be able to understand and apply it in maintaining a healthy mentality.  So, he can carry out his life well. Islamic Psychology's view of mental health is certainly not much different from that of General Psychologists. However, it is possible that a new view of the role of religion (in terms of prayer) helps a person to take care of his mentality. Therefore, this literature review  research is expected to open a new perspective on How Islamic Psychology views a prayer and all its aspects, to foster the mental state of a Muslim to be more directed.

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