Length-weight relationship and condition factor of Labeo bata (Hamilton) (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) found in Ranikot stream, Sindh-Pakistan

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Mughul W.G., Gachal G.S.
Rajput S., Laghari S., Khan P., Bilal Z., Sheikh M., Laghari M.Y.
Hussain I.


In the present study the length-weight relationship and condition factor of L.bata (Labeo bata) had been investigated and elucidated with particular reference to the growth status and condition factor in hill stream of Ranikot at District Jamshoro Sindh-Pakistan. A total of 291 individuals with their sixteen morphometric traits were analyzed for length-weight relationship, correlation and condition factor. The length-weight relationship, morphometrics and condition factor indicated positive allometric growth and high level of interdependence (0.992-0.887) between morphometric traits. The mean total length 20.7+1.21cm and mean weight 13.85+1.42gm were observed. A strong linear relationship (r=0.975) was observed between total length and weight variables (a=0.3338). The value of regression coefficient (b=2.684) suggests isometric growth in L.bata. The condition (K=0.724) and relative condition factors (kn=0.751) were observed <1.0, that indicated the environmental impact on the fish in hill stream of Ranikot. The findings suggest satisfactory growth and well-being of fish in the surrounding aquatic environment. In further, more hydrological factors might be investigated to know the real impacting factors.

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