Physico-Chemical Analysis Of Fish Farming Ponds Of Darbhanga, Bihar, India

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Arti Kumari, N.K.Prasad, Kumari Shachi, Sanjeev Kumar



Safe drinking water is a fundamental human right & basic need of individuals. Water quality is an important criteria for productivity of pond. The study was designed to assess the quality of pond water of Dighi Pond & Harahi pond of Darbhanga, Bihar, with reference to physic-chemical parameters including turbidity, conductivity, dissolve O2, free CO2, PH, potassium, zinc, iron, sodium, chloride and hardness. The results were evaluated and compared with both ponds water quality. It is found that based on physic-chemical parameters, both ponds water is not suitable for fish farming.


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Arti Kumari, N.K.Prasad, Kumari Shachi, Sanjeev Kumar