New epilithic Naviculales (Bacillariophyta) from Ivory Coast

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N’guessan Koffi R., Lozo N’guessan R., Kouamelan Essetchi P.
Kouassi Blé Alexis T
NiamienEbrottié Julie E., Ouattara A.
Coste M.


Epilithic diatom of the Ivory Coast is very poorly understood, aims of this study are: to document the epilithic diatom diversity from Naviculales. In this study, the epilithic diatoms in the samples collected from ten stations on the Me River between February and July 2012. A total of 56 Naviculales new taxa in 8 families were recordedThe taxonomic composition observed was dominated by Naviculaceae and Pinnulariaceae.

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