First observation of fish condition from Sava river in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Ridanovic S.
Nedic Z
Ridanovic L


Condition factor of fish species is very important parameter for understanding fish biology and pathology. For that purpose, we sampled 120 fish individuals from the Sava River at four locations (Posavina region), where most of them belongs to the Cyprinidae family while the others belonging to the families: Percidae, Siluridae, Ameiuridae, Esocidae and Gobiidae. In total fish sample we found that 49 fish individuals were infected by different types of skin ectoparasitic protozoa species (Ichtyobodo necator, Chilodonella cyprini, Trichodina sp., Ichthyophthirius multifiliis and Apiosoma sp.). The values of condition factor were in interval of 0,520 to 1,834.

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