The significance of fishery production for economic development: Example of EcemişTrout Farm of Niğde province

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Karataş A


With the concerns about healthy and balanced diet in our country and in the world, the interest in fishery products is constantly increasing. Fishery products are the sources of good quality protein, vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in calcium and phosphorus. All the nutritional properties of fishery products.are the real reason why they are more preffered. One of these fishery products is trout. Trout is a delicious, healthy and cheap fish that it is alternative to red meat as it is basic protein source. It is also an important instrument for creating job and income in the rural areas. Poverty and unemployment is a major problem in today's world and trout farms provide many people.with employment. Ecemiş Trout Farm is an important example in this respect. The farm makes contribution to the well-being of the community, economic growth and the economic vitality of this rural area. The aim of this study is to examine the Ecemiş Trout Farm for regional development.

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