Importance of the cold chain logistics in the marketing process of aquatic products: An update study

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Selamoglu M.


The aquatic products are the term of the aquatic animal and plant products and their processed products produced by marine and freshwater fisheries in general. The marketability of aquatic products is an important issue in the development of aquaculture. In addition, processing and marketing facilities provide the great opportunities for employment within the aquaculture industry. Such products are prone to oxidation and bacterial contamination in organized transportation, which not only destroys the taste of  products, but also poses a very serious threat to food safety. One of the essential classifications of cold chain logistics is the cold chain management of aquatic products. Cold chain planing is key to reducing aquatic products spoilage in the circulation, transport and marketing process. Cold chain logistics of aquatic products refers to system engineering in which cold or frozen aquatic products are stored in the specified low temperature environment before production, storage, transportation, sales and consumption. It is aimed to ensure quality and prevent damage to foods.

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