Genetic protocol of Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus (L.) fry for restocking the Vistula river, Poland

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Fopp-Bayat D
Kuciński M
Liszewski T
Teodorowicz T
Łączyńska B
Lebeda I


In Poland the conservation program of Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus is conducted during over 10 years by Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn, Poland. Material of A. oxyrinchus is annually transported from Canada to Poland and the broodstock of this species is created. Part of imported fish material is breed and released into local rivers e.g. Drweca River, Vistula River. All the imported material is obligatory genetically analyzed. The analysis must include the species verification and the genetic diversity of fish. Such analyses are necessary to issue a permit for restocking the local rivers. This paper presents a genetic characteristics of juvenile Atlantic sturgeon imported from Canada by Fish Farm Komorowo, Poland intended for restocking the river Vistula. Genetic analysis of the 45 juvenile Atlantic sturgeon was conducted using five microsatellite DNA markers (Spl-106, Spl-101, ATR-113, Aox-23A, Aox-23B) and one fragment (240 base pairs) encoding the cytochrome b gene (Cytb). In the present paper the genetic information about optimal genetic diversity and good condition of restocked materials of Atlantic sturgeon were described.

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