A Survey on Preferable Fabrics for Patients During Cancer Therapy

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JS. Subashini, Dr. Grace Annapoorani, R. Gnanasundari


Globally Cancer is a common health problem in recent times. The second top deadliest disease of cancer treatment is painful. Pain is one of the most common symptoms in inflammation for any type of cancer treatment. The side effects of cancer treatment depend on its type and on the stages of cancer. After diagnosing cancer, patient is categorized to zero to four stages based on the level of cancer spread in the body. According to “ASCO American society of clinical oncology-2021[1]”. Stage 0 is cancer spotted in the place where its started, Stage I-Cancer spread into tissues but not into the lymph nodes and other areas, Stage II-Cancer possibly spread into other areas of lymph nodes, Stage III–Cancer spread deeply into the lymph nodes than the previous stage, Stage IV–Cancer has spread into other parts of the body and this stage is metastatic cancer.

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JS. Subashini, Dr. Grace Annapoorani, R. Gnanasundari