Pillars of oral health research & its implications

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Salaj Rana, Shivangi Shukla, Kripalini Patel, Payal Das, Ashoo Grover, Rajiv Ahluwalia


A few countries like Brazil, have achieved progress in integrating dental care within Universal Health Care programs. However, in developing countries like India, dental care is confined to the margins of UHC, hence it is essential to consider the dentist’s overall role they could commence apart from the clinical perspective for the improvement of oral health along with overall health conditions. There are many pillars to oral health such as Research, Collaboration, Clinic & Education, Incubation & Funding. Research in dental care could expand the possibilities of scientific studies aimed at putting theories to the test, answering concerns, improving treatment options, and learning more about human health. Similarly, to address the shortfalls and challenges within the Indian health system, there is a need for Inter-ministerial collaborations. Further, strengthening outpatient departments at hospitals provides a wide range of therapeutic options, diagnostic tests, and minor surgical procedures which is an essential component of any hospital or clinic's overall operation. Incubation and funding are vital to start a business with a team on a technology-focused business idea to make this notion a reality. In India, to deliver overall dental healthcare, the role of a dentist should be increasingly recognized apart from clinical healthcare delivery.

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