Evaluation of fisheries wastes as protein hydrolyzate

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Cilbiz N
Cilbiz N
Hanol Z


In Turkey, it is known that, wastes of fisheries processing plants released to the environment and only a bit of that assessed as fish meal or fish feed by a few plant. It is expected that with the evaluation of these wastes which rich in nutrient content by converted to the various commercial products (chitin, protein hydrolyzate, carotenoprotein and pıgment extraction etc.) to be beneficial in terms of both contribute to the country’s economy and prevent to the environmental pollution. These wastes may be used in the food and feed industry, in pharmaceuticals and in the microbial studies as growth medium with the evaluated as protein hydrolyzate. In the World, although there are studies for the evaluation of shellfish and fish wastes as protein hydrolyzate in Turkey, it is appear that such studies quite insufficient, so it is thought that researches on this issue should be increased.

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