The relation between temperature and salinity with WSSV occurrence in shrimp farms in Iran: An article review

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Kakoolaki S
Afsharnasab M
Sharifpour I


Many shrimp farmers were suffering from White Spot Disease (WSD) onset in last decades. Oscillation of environmental factors could lead mortality in susceptible hosts. The results showed mortality started earliear (36h post inoculation) at 25OC in comparison to the temperature more than 29 OC as well as the salinity of 50 ppt in comparison to the lower degrees of salinities. It is concluded that the higher and the lower salinity, lesser or greater than the normal condition in exposed to WSV could lead to severe mortality of WSD. It is suggested that in site selection, in primary stage of farm designing, water temperature at more than 29OC, should be considered as key environmental factor. This finding can lead us that why the White Spot Disease occurred with high mortality in some area when the days of shrimp culture were prolonged until mid autumn.

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