A short overview about cadmium and its toxicity focused on humans, bioindicators and model organisms

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Strungaru S . A
Plavan G
Nicoara M


According to Paracelsus (1493-1541) everything from this planet is poison, only the dose makes the poison to be harmless. Even the essential elements for life support are toxic for all organisms in high amounts. Mercury, cadmium, metalloid arsenic and lead were responsible for poisoning and death of many humans and life forms from this planet for centuries. Cadmium forms different compounds that are used in industry for electroplating, pigments, plastic stabilizers, Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries, semiconductors, solar cells. According to literature, human’s intake the highest amount of cadmium from cigarettes smoking and food.  The level of cadmium in bird’s bodies is important to analyze the environmental health. Birds are very sensitive to environmental changes and pollutants. This short overview investigated the pollution sources and pathways of cadmium within environment, its toxicity, symptoms and diseases focused on humans and other organisms. Some possible cure for humans’ acute and chronic exposure to cadmium was searched in different studies.

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