Carapace length-weight relationships of Panulirus homarus from North coast of Gulf of Oman

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Mohammad Reza Mirzaei
Mohammad Momeni
Ashkan Ajdari


The present study was performed to describe the carapace length-weight relationships of spiny lobster Panulirus homarus from the north coast of the Gulf of Oman. A total of 140 species were measured, consisting of 8 males and 59 females between September 2019 to August 2020. The carapace length and total weight range of the whole sample was recorded as 59 g - 106 g and 46 mm-71mm, respectively. Regression equations for carapace length and body weight for male, female and total P. homarus population were W = 0.002 CL 2.8268, W = 0.004 CL 2.6534, W = 0.004 CL 2.7407, respectively. The carapace length-weight relationship was also highly significant (p <0.05) with a high determination coefficient (r2 = 0.89), with a 95% confidence interval for b from 2.6018 to 2.8746. The test of the allometric coefficients “b” of the carapace length – body weight relationship showed negative allometric growth for males, females, and sexes combined. The current study provided the baseline data about carapace length – body weight relationship of spiny lobster from the north coast of Gulf of Oman. Such data is valuable for establishing a monitoring and management system of these fish species.

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