Size and shape analysis of two close Cyprinidae species (Garra variabilis-Garra rufa) by geometric morphometric methods

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Cicek T
Kaya A
Bilici S
Ünlu E


In this study, the shape and size differences between 30 samples of Garra rufa and Garra variabilis species captured in Tigris River were investigated by using geometric morphometric methods. According to the results of this study, there is no difference between these two species in terms of size (CS); however, they are quite different from each other in terms of shape and this difference is significant (CVA/MANOVA; Pillai tr.=0.99 and p-value=0.0016, Shape procrustes ANOVA ; F=16.40, p-value=<0.0001). These differences are thought to be caused by feeding habits and habitat structure.

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