Diversity Of Phytoplankton In Rice Fields Of Honnali Taluk Davanagere District Karnataka India

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Prashanth Kumar C S, Parameshwara Naik T*, Malathesh Pari


The present study was conducted in Honnahalli Taluk Davanagere district of various region of paddy. The analysis of the phytoplankton diversity of various locality of paddy field at Honnahalli Taluk davanagere district Karnataka. A slandered procedure was used to conducting to complete this experiment and samples are collected at different regions of paddy fields near Tungabhadra River. Through a field survey, six species of Phytoplankton were recorded namely Spirogyra, Chara, Euastrum, Ankistrodesmus Falcatus, Euastrumspinulsoum, Odegonoium and also order of the species is Zygnematales, charales, Zygnematales, Oedogoniales, Desmidiales. The mentioned species were observed light intensity, light nutrients and more water availability appears to be better condition for algal growth in paddy fields. This study reveals that maximum diversity of phytoplanktons present in the rice field in Ujjanipur as compare to other locality of paddy field.

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