Mapping & Monitoring of Long-Term Spatial-Temporal Transpose of Crop Rotation of North-Western Haryana (1990-91 to 2021-22): Using Remote Sensing and GIS Approach

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Parveen, Dr. Sunil Benda


Crop rotations are becoming more popular as a tool to keep sustainable crop production as awareness of the need to produce high-quality food with little negative effect on the environment grows. The dearth of agricultural knowledge severely hinders efforts to develop effective policies and carry out research to attain food security. In North-Western Haryana, a research was carried out for mapping and monitoring long-term changes of crop rotation using satellite-based remote sensing data along with other spatial and non-spatial collateral data. The primary source of data for this research is derived from Landsat-5 and Sentinel-2 and were processed digitally using the ARC GIS and ERDAS imagine software packages. The information was evaluated using the supervised classification approach. The crop rotation change map was generated for the years of 1990-91 to 2021-22.



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Parveen, Dr. Sunil Benda