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Dr. G. Nagarajan , Dr.R. Arunadevi, Dr. Rafiya Banu, Dr.Umesh U, Dr.A.Sulthan Mohideen, M.Raja Lakshmi


The simulation of human intelligence in machines, known as Artificial intelligence, has risen, and performs an essential function inside the new banking era. The present examine aims to discuss the client’s perspective on synthetic intelligence’s adoption in Asian international locations. The questionnaire changed into advanced and allotted to acquire information from five Asian nations (Pakistan, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand). The overall useable responses have been 799. The effects showed that the factors (cognizance, mindset, subjective norms, perceived usefulness, and information of artificial intelligence technology) had a tremendous and fantastic dating so that you can adopt AI within the banking sector. However, perceived danger suggests a bad but sizable courting with the intentions to adopt AI. Overall, the findings of this observe may be a worthy insight for making strategic selection-making inside the banking enterprise. This will allow the banking control to construct a approach to boom the believe of consumers, as a way to help them to overcome dangers and supply them self-assurance in the usage of virtual era at the same time as making transactions. The banking sector additionally focuses on progressive AI technologies to enhance client offerings in addition to normal increase through producing greater revenue.

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