Effect of Peganum Harmala mixed with silver nanoparticles. and loaded on Nano Activated Charcoal in Musca domestica L.

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Salam jasim mohammed Al-kalash , Husham najy Hameed, Liqaa hussain Alwan


The current study was carried out in the Al-Alam district of Salah Al-Din Governorate, where the study included the effect of the extract of the plants of Haram, a currant, a currant, and a nanoparticle with a sweetener of 0.1%. The analysis of the stimulus analyzes of 0.1 g/L of the insect was carried out in the laboratory of the University of Reit, in the Breeding Department of Girls. SEM measurements of the ultra-thin translucency of the fabricated nanocomposite and extracts of the leaves of the campus Peganum harmala, which includes the touch The telescope has an average size of 63.16 nm, and the activity value is very high and very high. TEM (pore sizes 20-100 nm) nanoparticles The extracted water is processed by the nano-metallic processes with a precise load of activated carbon The plantains and larvae of Musca domestica are slowed down in a slow manner, due to the delay in treatment, the rate of killing of larvae and the percentage 100% (Hindial is 50%, the percentage is 26.66%), it is 12.5%, it is the Twah method, and the percentage is 100%, it is the colorimetric method. C is 50%, the proportion of balut is 23.33%, and the proportion of Indian is 12.5%. The relationship between filters and the proportion of kills is direct.

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