Morphological differences among the Garra variabilis populations (Cyprinidae) in Tigris River system of South East Turkey

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Cıcek T
Ünlü E
Bılıcı S
Uysal E


In this study, by examining the character of the morphometric and meristic characters of Garra variabilis samples which is obtained from different locality in Tigris River, morphometric characters which are transformed, subjected to discriminant analysis and depending on grouping model, number of discriminant functions and according to importance of these in terms of explaining total variance, morphological variance among populations are determined. Success rate of classifiying the groups according to the discriminant analysis of meristic characters of G. variabilis individuals appeared as 49.3 %. Kulp and Kayser Stream from the locality groups, showed similar dispersion. It is determined that there is high variation between the locality groups belonging the samples of G. variabilis according to the morphometric and meristic characters.

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