The Influences of Job Burnout on the Productivity of Employees in the Manufacturing Companies”

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M.Ilamathi, Uma Raman. M



 The Organization aims to gain profit and success and that depends on how the company increases the employee’s productivity by reducing the employees strain in their workplace. The Present study was done among different manufacturing companies in Coimbatore Region. The study carried out with the cluster sampling and with the sample size of 110 employees in the organization. Burnout is a condition of both physical and psychological disorder and it occurs for a prolonged period of time.. The study concentrates on the general influences of job burnout on daily productivity of employees and questionnaire was also framed generally to covers the job burnout and productivity among employees. The Study clearly shows that Employee’s productivity is mainly influenced by the role workload and least importance was given to the Non-contingency outcomes of the job burnout.  No significant relationship with the employees facing job burnout in their present job with the different age groups of employees.


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M.Ilamathi, Uma Raman. M