Level Of Satisfaction of Advanced Class Beef Cattle Farmers Group on The Performance of Extensioners In Barru District, Barru Regency

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Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin , Agustina Abdullah, Ilham Rasyid, Eka Hardiyani


The performance of the extension agent is an important thing that must be considered starting from the preparation of extension, implementation of extension, and evaluation of extension so that the extension program can be carried out properly and on target so as to make farmers feel satisfied and have an impact on increasing productivity. The study aims to determine the level of satisfaction beef cattle breeders with advanced ability on the performance level of extension workers in Barru District, Barru Regency. This research was conducted from July to September 2021. The type of research used was descriptive quantitative. The sample size in this study was determined using the Slovin formula, namely 55 farmers/breeders. The research analysis method used in this study is a descriptive analysis of the Impormance Performance Analysis (IPA), and the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). The results of this study indicate that in the advanced ability class, it is known that the results of the calculation of science analysis have the average value of importance level (y) 3.22 and the average value of performance level (x) is 3.27, the average TKi value is 99.15. CSI calculation which states the level of satisfaction in the interval of 65 percent or 0.65. This value has not been maximized or in the quite satisfactory category, so livestock farmer groups must continue to strive to improve performance. Meanwhile, the performance of the attributes in quadrant II must be maintained so that in its development it can increase the CSI value.

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Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin , Agustina Abdullah, Ilham Rasyid, Eka Hardiyani