To compare CPUE and YPUE values of sorting grid with 18, 20 and 22 mm bar spacing on fishing of crayfish with fyke net in Turkey

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Aydın C.
Cilbiz M.
Kanyılmaz M.


This study aimed to compare CPUE and YPUE values of the grid with 18, 20 and 22 mm bar spacing on crayfish fishing with fyke net in Turkey. For this purpose, sorting grids, which had 18 (SG18), 20 (SG20) and 22 mm (SG22) bar spacing were tested. A total of 90 fyke net, each group consisting was 30 used in the experiments. The grids were attached at the end of the fyke net. Covered-codend techniques were utilized to obtain the escapers. Caught crayfish were categorized according to gear type on the boat using a specific case. Twelve fishing operations were done in the study. A total of (codends & covers) 1495 crayfish were caught, 619 from codends and 876 covers as well. The caught crayfish number of trial codends were 226, 208 and 185 for SG18, SG20 and SG22 groups, respectively. The average total length of crayfish was computed as 109.71, 18.65 and 108.98 mm for SG18, SG20 and SG22, respectively. CPUE and YPUE values were calculated as 0.29 n/d and 11.33 g/d for SG18; 0.31 n/d and 11.50 g/d for SG20; 0.28 n/d and 10.21 g/d for SG22. No statistical differences between CPUE and YPUE values between the codends.

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