Relationship of zinc, biotin and iron with cases of hair loss in cats

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Nassar Abd Rabah Sakran, Maher saber Owain, Entedhar Rifaat Sarhat


The current study aimed to find out the relationship of zinc, iron, biotin, with cases of hair loss in cats. The collection of samples began from April to September 2022, samples were collected from 100 domestic cats (80 cats suffering from shedding and 20 healthy cats) with ages ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Blood samples were collected for serological tests (zinc, iron and biotin). The observed clinical signs included easy hair loss, causing hair loss in a limited or wide area, and the results also found that the skin condition is normal and there is no redness or any skin lesions, which confirms that the cause of hair loss is not infectious. Vital rates such as pulse, temperature and respiration were not affected in both groups. The animals suffering from hair loss showed a clear significant decrease in the level of biotin and iron, zinc as compared to healthy animals. Biotin and zinc significantly over the rest of the other causes of hair loss, as the current study proved that zinc and biotin are among the most important causes of hair loss in cats.

The current study concluded that hair loss in cats is one of the important cases that are frequently reported to veterinary clinics. The study also concluded that there are several reasons for hair loss in cats, the most important of which is zinc and biotin deficiency.

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