Insilico Docking and Gc Ms Analysis of Selected Bioactive Compounds from Lantana Camara Methanolic Leaf Extract Against Breast Cancer Activity

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Sudha, M. Poongothai, A. Anandaraj, K.



One of the major problems facing the world today is breast cancer, and partial agonists/antagonists are used to target the hormone receptors in breast cancer treatment. Potent drugs for breast cancer treatment are Tamoxifen, Trastuzumab, Paclitaxel, etc. which show adverse effects and resistance in patients. The aim of the study has been on certain phytochemicals of Lantana camara L which has potent actions breast cancer target protein inhibition. The present study was designed to determine the bioactive compounds in the whole plant methanol extract of Lantana camara L and evaluate the anti-breast cancer activity. GC-MS analysis of Lantana camara L confirm the active Heptadecene-(8)-Carbonic Acid-(1), 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid, bis2-methylpropyl) ester, Stigmasterol, Decanoic Acid, 1-Tetradecanol phytochemicals.The results confirm that all the compounds has the best docking score for breast cancer compared to standard drug. This study suggests that the selected phytochemicals can be further investigated and evaluated for breast cancer treatment and management strategies.


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Sudha, M. Poongothai, A. Anandaraj, K.