Study of the Influence of Professional development of teachers on developing critical thinking among students:

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Abhinav Shrivastava, Prof Somesh Dhamija



Training is the process of gaining knowledge, and practical hands-on real-life experience of the concepts in a certain field. Teachers have a great opportunity and possibility to give the right direction and exponential growth to their teaching skills through training. Every  activity which is related directly or indirectly to education, such as the development of a conducive environment of learning, the creation and following of developed syllabi or curriculum, and the student’s assessment, depend significantly on the training of teachers. The primary necessity for empowering and focusing a profession's conceptual aspects is community acceptability, a predefined definition of the method to be followed, culture, and the development of knowledge, learning, and understanding through study and specialisation in teacher education. The study's goal is to determine whether or not instructors' professional growth and training have any bearing on how logical and critical thinking develop among students. Almost 700 people in total participated in this study. Surveys and interviews are used to gather primary data for the analysis. Regression analysis and the SPSS tool are both used in the study. The results of the study show that teachers' participation in training and professional development activities significantly affects the students' capacity for logical and critical thought. Continuous training programmes can be used to improve pedagogical abilities. Opportunities for teacher training and professional development are crucial for improving students' logical and critical thinking skills as well as a nation's overall economic development. According to this study, professional development for teachers is crucial to raising students' academic attainment. In this process, teacher and student participation is crucial. While giving a lecture in the classroom, a qualified teacher uses a variety of teaching styles and instructional techniques.


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Abhinav Shrivastava, Prof Somesh Dhamija