In Vitro Anti-Proliferative and Proapoptotic Effects of Aegle Marmelos Fruit Extract on Osteosarcoma Cell Line

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Ms. Noor Fathima. J, Dr.Lakshmi Thangavelu, Ms. Jeevitha R, Dr.Elumalai Perumal


Background: Osteosarcoma is the most common primary malignant bone tumor accounting for approximately 20% of all malignant bone tumors. Although a number of anti-cancer drugs have been discovered but apart from being expensive they have serious side-effects as well. So it is important to develop safe, effective and economical treatment of the disease. Plethora of medicinal plants have attracted attention among the scientific communities for its therapeutic efficacies against a number of diseases including cancer. Aegle Marmelos commonly known as ‘BAEL’ or ‘wood apple’ is a member of the family Rutaceae.

Materials and Methods: Osteosarcoma (MG63) cell lines were obtained from the NCCS, Pune. About 50g of Aegle Marmelos powder was soaked in 500 mL of 95% ethanol. Fine filtrate was obtained and subjected to rota evaporation after that 3g of the material was obtained.  The cell viability of plant extract treated MG63 cells was assessed by MTT assay. The assay is based on the reduction of soluble yellow tetrazolium salt to insoluble purple formazan crystals by metabolically active cells. The effects of Aegle Marmelos in MG63 cell death were determined by AO/EtBr dual staining.

Results: The percentage of cell viability reduced gradually with increase in concentration. We observed 50% growth inhibition at 40µg/ml concentration. IC dose is 40µg/ml. The morphology of Aegle Marmelos extract treated cells showed shrinkage and reduced cell density. The nuclear morphology of apoptotic cells is assessed with AO/EtBr. Green staining indicates healthy cells, yellow staining indicates early apoptotic cells and orange staining indicates late apoptotic cells. Aegle Marmelos fruit extract treated cells displayed yellow staining which is an indicator of early apoptotic cells.

Conclusion: The study results revealed that Aegle Marmelos inhibited the proliferation of MG63 cells and promoted the apoptosis of MG63 cells and exhibited anti-osteosarcoma effects. However the experiments here are preliminary in nature, further studies should be carried on for better realization of the pharmacological activities, mechanism of action and active compounds responsible for these actions.

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