Cognitive Enhancement Activity of Herbo mineral Formulation Thanga Uram (Stannic Sulphidum).

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Karthi S, Shalini B, Heamavathi S, Visweswaran S


Background: Siddha is medicine of ancient Tamils/Dravidians of peninsular South India. This system has enormous pharmacopoeia containing herbal, animal and mineral products. Objective: To evaluate the memory enhancement activity of THANGA URAM (Stannic sulphidum) in Wister albino rats by Diazepam induced method. Material and methods: The animals were randomly selected and divided into five groups (I, II, III, IV and V) of six rats(n=6) each. Individual identification of the animal was made by marking. Group I animals served as control and received only honey, p.o. for 7 days. Group II served as standard drug was treated with Piracitam (200mg/kg/day) i.p once a day, for 7days. Experimental group’s splits into group III and IV served as the treated groups and received TU which was grounded in mortar-pestle with honey. Group III was treated with 23mg/kg of TU orally once for 7days. Group IV was treated with 46mg/kg of TU orally once for7days. Results: Time taken to reach the reward chamber (TRC) on the eighth day (24h after last dose) reflected the memory of animals. Significant reduction in TRC value indicated enhancement in memory. TU with honey (23mg/kg, p.o.) did not show any significant effect on TRC compared with the control group of young rats.



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Karthi S, Shalini B, Heamavathi S, Visweswaran S