Income and Employment Generation through Farming Systems with special reference to Central Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam

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Dr. Lokesh Boro


The study was conducted in Central Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam using a multistage random sampling technique. A sample of 225 farm households of four size groups viz., marginal, small, medium and large were selected to examine the existing farming systems in context to income and employment generation. The primary data were collected from the selected respondents by personal interview with the help of a set of pre-tested schedule and questionnaire pertaining to the year of 2010-11. The complete economic evaluations of different farming systems at selected farmers revealed that sixteen major components / enterprises of farming systems were popular in the category of marginal and small farmers, while seventeen enterprises for the category of medium and large famers and in adoption to the selected farmer viz., crops, live stock / birds and plantation crops. The crop and dairy cow enterprises were usually of common practice in adoption of all the selected farmers. The system-wise, crop + dairy cow + poultry + goatery farming system fetched highest net return of Rs. Rs.47477.47 and maximum employment of 476.03 mandays, while crop + dairy cow + goatery + duckery  system observed as second best remunerative and employment system among all six prevailing farming systems evaluated in the study area.




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Dr. Lokesh Boro