Assessing The Role of Student Feedback in Improving Teaching Practices

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Dr. R. Satish, Dr. A. Venugopal Reddy, Dr. Kirti Awasthi Dubey, Shruti Verma, Gurkirpal Singh


This review research paper aims to assess the role of student feedback in enhancing teaching practices. It examines the significance of gathering and analyzing feedback from students to identify areas for improvement in teaching methodologies and instructional strategies. The paper utilizes a theoretical framework that combines principles from educational psychology, pedagogical theories, and assessment and evaluation models. It explores the concepts of formative assessment, student-cantered learning, and the reciprocal relationship between teaching and learning. The review adopts a systematic approach to analyze existing literature, research studies, and empirical evidence on student feedback in the context of teaching practices. It includes a comprehensive literature review and a synthesis of findings from various studies to provide a holistic understanding of the topic. The review reveals that student feedback plays a crucial role in improving teaching practices. It highlights the benefits of using various feedback mechanisms, such as surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews, to gather valuable insights from students. The findings emphasize the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive feedback culture that encourages open communication between students and teachers.

The research has significant implications for both educational researchers and practitioners. It provides evidence-based recommendations for integrating student feedback into teaching practices, including strategies for soliciting feedback, analysing and interpreting feedback data, and implementing changes based on feedback. Moreover, the paper underscores the social implications of student feedback, such as fostering student agency, promoting learner-cantered environments, and empowering students in the educational process. This research paper contributes to the existing body of knowledge by synthesizing and analysing the latest research on student feedback and its impact on teaching practices. It offers a comprehensive overview of the topic and highlights the originality and value of utilizing student feedback as a catalyst for continuous improvement in education.



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Dr. R. Satish, Dr. A. Venugopal Reddy, Dr. Kirti Awasthi Dubey, Shruti Verma, Gurkirpal Singh