Evaluation of Manganese Nanoparticle Effectiveness for Time Dependent Optical Density Measurements Utilizing Colorimetry and UV-Vis Spectroscopy for Significant Degradation Of dyes

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Sanjay Venkatesan, Nibedita Dey


Aim: Performanceevaluation of manganese nanoparticles functionalized by Rubia cordifolia leaf extract for time dependent optical density (OD) measurements using colorimetry and UV-Vis spectroscopy with potential dye degradation application. Materials and Methods: Manganese nanoparticles were functionalized and synthesized using metal precursors and Rubia cordifolia. Each group had a sample size of 26. Total sample size is 52. For the groups pre test power is 80%, alpha is 0.05 and their enrolment ratio is 1. Group 1 consists of  OD readings from colorimetry and group 2 is UV-Vis spectroscopy OD readings. Eosin yellow dye was used to check the dye degradation ability of the nanoparticles. SPSS was used to perform independent sample t test with 95% CI. Results: UV-Vis spectroscopy obtained significantly higher mean OD (0.0614) than colorimetry (0.0520) with p value as 0.024. Conclusion: Nanoparticles were biosynthesized and successfully degraded eosin yellow dye. UV-Vis spectroscopy performs significantly better in analyzing dye degradation ability of manganese nanoparticles when compared to colorimetry.

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