Using CNC turning, a novel method of material removal rate measurement for the alloy AA compares coated tungsten carbide inserts to uncoated inserts.

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K. L. Mohan Raja, R. Venkatesh


Aim: The scope of this analysis is to find the Material Removal Rate (MRR) for AA 6063 specimens by using Tungsten Carbide coated insert and an Uncoated insert in Novel CNC turning operation. Materials and Methods: The AA 6063 of diameter 25 mm and the length of 20 mm was used for this analysis. The specimen quantity was computed by a G power program of 95 percent. A total of 20 specimens were made for each group. The specimens turned using Tungsten Carbide insert were the intervention group and the specimens turned using Uncoated insert were the Control group. The weight balance instrument was used for weighing the specimens and the Material Removal Rate was calculated according to the ASTM standard. Results: According to this analysis, the obtained Material Removal Rate for the specimens machined using the Tungsten Carbide coated insert was 2.5411 (mm3/min) and the specimens machined using the Uncoated insert was 1.2799 (mm3/min). The independent T statistical test in the SPSS program was computed and obtained the significance of p= 0.002 (p <0.050), which states the efficiency of inserts. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, it is proved that the AA 6063 specimens machined using Tungsten carbide coated inserts have a higher Material Removal Rate than the Uncoated inserts.

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