Innovative hybrid epoxy composites reinforced with natural fiber (5%) and nano carbon particles (5%) were experimentally examined for MRR during CNC drilling and contrasted with plain epoxy.

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B. Revanth Kumar Reddy, D. Satish Kumar


Aim:To examine and find the material removal rate (MRR) of CNC drilled epoxy based novel mixture epoxy composite built up with sisal fiber, nano carbon particles. Materials and Methods:There are two groups of samples used considered in this research work. In group 1 (sisal in fiber form (5wt%), nano carbon particles (5wt%) reinforced novel hybrid epoxy composites) and in group 2 (plain epoxy).The samples of both the groups under investigation were fabricated using a hand-layup method. Samples were ready according to guidelines and drilling is performed using a CNC drilling machine. The material removal rate of the samples was investigated and analyzed between the groups by performing 9 examinations (along with one repetition) per group, in total 18 per group.The pre-test power for testing was  80%, Alpha=0.05% and CL was 95%, G power test was used to fix the number of samples for each group. Results: Independent tests were performed using SPSS statistical software tools to investigate the rate of material removal. From the rate of material removal results, Group-1 comprises sisal fiber (5%), Nano Carbon Particles (5%) and plain epoxy whereas Group-2 comprises plain epoxy. Based on T-test statistical analysis, it is discovered that there exist a significant (P=0.0001, P<0.05) difference in mean fluctuation of MRR between Group-1 and Group-2. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, it is clearly understood that the addition of reinforcements like sisal fiber and nano carbon particles  have a critical impact on the improvement in MRR.

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