Using IIMSIMPLE Protocol to reduce energy consumption and compared to IMSIMPLE Protocol, Dynamic Clustering Mechanism for Mobile Patient Monitoring System in WBAN

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K. Sindhu, C. Senthilkumar


Aim: This study about maximizing the throughput and minimizing the energy consumption in the WSN which is placed in the movable patient in WBAN. The proposed protocol Innovative IMproved Stable Increased Throughput Multihop Link Efficient Routing Protocol (IIMSIMPLE) protocol compared with IMproved Stable Increased Throughput Multihop Link Efficient Routing Protocol(IMSIMPLE) protocol. Materials and Methods: In this research energy efficiency is achieved by higher throughput and lower energy consumption using clustering mechanism with a movable patient monitoring system in WBAN. In this proposed IIMSIMPLE protocol the coordinator node (CN) and Serving coordinator node (SCN) is selected using the following parameters such as Innovative square footage, residual energy and node position. The sample size of each group is 20 (n=20) collected by varying the number of rounds and it  was calculated by calculator.Net with pre-test power of 80% (G-power). Result: Simulation results indicates the IIMSIMPLE protocol has performed better than IMSIMPLE Protocol in terms of  higher throughput  by (2.2%) and lower energy  consumption (17%) respectively. The sample t-test shows that there is a significant  difference in IIMSIMPLE and IMSIMPLE values in terms of energy consumption and throughput (p<0.05). The proposed IIMSIMPLE protocol achieved (2.2%) higher throughput and (17%) lower energy consumption compared with IMSIMPLE protocol.Conclusion: Depending on the experimental results and independent statistical t-test shows that proposed IIMSIMPLE protocol has achieved higher performance when compared to IMSIMPLE  protocol.

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