Investigating the Material Removal Rate and Surface Finish by estimating the machinability performance of Novel KTRN Coated HSS Tool for CNC Turning of HSS alloy (EN24) and compare with Uncoated HSS Tool

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Sai Teja, Dr. T. Sathish


Aim: The main aim of this work is about Comparing machinability performance of Novel KTRN coated High speed steel with uncoated HSS tool for CNC Green machining (CNC Turning) of high strength steel alloy (EN24) for improving machining rate and surface Finish. Materials and methods: EN24 Steel rod of diameter 22 mm and 50 mm of length of rod is used in the research work, EN24 steel was normalized at 800-860°C. Hold at this temperature then quench in oil. Test samples are 32 (N=16+16=32). CNC turning operation is focused on investigating the surface finish and material removal rate taken from each rod of experimental group and control group.Total sample size used for the Groups is 32 and 80% of G power was used. Results: The results revealed that Turning operations were conducted with speed, feed and depth cuts to the turning process with an MRR of 350 mm3/min. And the Surface Roughness is 19.81%.Using KTRN coated HSS tool gives lower surface roughness than HSS tool in Computerized Numerical Control machining.Surface roughness of samples, group wise statistically evaluated with SPSS software. T-test result shows p=0.030 Ra for  and p= 0.004 MRR and they are significant as p<0.05. Which reveals that the observations are statistically independent and observed with no violation. The mean surface roughness for samples prepared with Novel KTRN coated High speed steel tool gives lesser surface roughness than HSS tool. Conclusion: Within the limitations of study the optimization of EN24 Material removal rate, Surface finish and Surface Roughness using response of Novel KTRN Coated Tool. The results obtained revealed that spindle speed,feed rate and depth of cut have a significant influence on the MRR. .

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