New DNA subtractive encoding increases the entropy of RGB picture encryption over DNA additive encoding

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C. Reddy Manjunath, Rajmohan. V


Aim: In this paper, the entropy of Red Green Blue (RGB) image encryption using novel Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) subtractive encoding is compared with DNA additive encoding using MATLAB software. Materials and Methods: The image encryption is performed using Novel DNA subtractive encoding with number of samples (N=10) and additive encoding with number of samples (N=10) having pre-test power of 80% using MATLAB software. Results: The entropy of Novel DNA subtractive encoding is 1.59102 whereas the entropy of DNA additive encoding is 1.53383. There is a significant difference in the results obtained for entropy and were considered to be error-free since it has the significance value p=0.049 (p<0.5) in SPSS statistical analysis. Conclusion: Novel DNA subtractive encoding performs significantly better in increasing entropy in RGB image encryption when compared to DNA additive encoding.

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