For high-pressure fluid transfer applications, novel composite pipes reinforced by wire mesh are being studied for their drilling characteristics.

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A.C Aravind raj, B Navin kumar


Aim: This study aims to fabricate and evaluate the drilling characteristics and cylindricity tolerance of novel composite pipe laminate reinforced by wire mesh for High-Pressure fluid Transfer Applications. Materials and Methods: This study works on the fabrication of composite pipe materials, these composite pipes are prepared using glass fiber-composite Pipe reinforced stainless-steel wire mesh. The material which is reinforced with wire mesh is taken as an experimental group with a sample size (g power is taken as 80%) of 20 and also the plain glass fiber material is taken as an impact group with a sample size of 20. Hand Layup Technique is employed for the fabrication of both groups of composite materials. SPSS software is employed for statistical analysis. Results: Glass fiber with the stainless-steel as wire mesh reinforced epoxy composite laminates exhibited a decrease of 63% in damage area than the plain fiber composite laminate and had a significance level of p=0.010 (p<0.05). There is a significant difference between the groups. Conclusion: Within the limit of the study, novel composite pipe rotated along with a stainless steel wire mesh reduction in cylindricity tolerance during the drilling process.

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