Analyse the Carbohydrate Content in the Muskmelon (Cucumis Melo) using Tray Dried Method and compare it with Oven Dry Method

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M Suvetha, Siva Shankar V


Aim: To examine the effect of oven and tray dryer towards drying of (Cucumis Melo), muskmelon fruit, to compare the Carbohydrate obtained. Materials and methods: The muskmelon fruit was studied at different parameters such as dimension, temperature and time. In the present study the tray drying method is taken as group 1 (N=20) and the oven drying method is taken as group 2 (N=20). 20 samples per group and totally 40 samples were studied by using the selected parameters for determining the carbohydrate content. Results:The overall findings shows that the combination of various parameter showed best values (T8 - 50°C for 5 hrs ) in the tray dryer with a value of (8.36 g/100g) carbohydrate content as compared to oven drying (8.00 g/100g) in muskmelon. The G power calculation at 80% and the significance differences were observed among the oven drying and tray drying method at the level of P=<0.001 (P<0.05). And it is believed to have a faster rate of drying and is more efficient for carbohydrate content. Conclusion:Within the scope of this study, the results show that the novel tray drying method is more effective than the oven drying method due to the higher carbohydrate content and better product appearance.

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